About Us

About the Sleepy Hollow Blues Club

Sleepy Hollow Blues Club was formed in 1994 by a dedicated group of blues lovers in Geelong. Since its humble beginnings, the club has grown and matured into a major part of the blues scene in the Geelong Region. Meeting regularly (usually the fourth Sunday in each month), the club provides an afternoon of top-class blues jamming for all musicians and an evening of first class blues entertainment (see the Gigs & Events page for details).

A small list of the artists who have played at our Sunday evening gigs reads like a "who's who" of Australian blues with local and visiting musicians including Geoff Achison, Rockbottom, James & the Detonators, Jeff Lang, Phil Manning, Stringybark McDowell, Chain, Kate Meehan, Matt Corcoran, Muddy Puddles, Turning Blue, Spectrum, Backstreet Blues, Wild Turkey, Hatz Fitz, Grizzly Bros, Blind Dog & the Reverend, Oozin’ Blues, Brian Fraser, Kerry Simpson, The Big Blue, 4.3 Bandinos, Third Degree, Bo Jenkins, Chris Finnen, Chubby Rae & the Elevators, Marco Goldsmith, Salty Dog, Lloyd Speigal, Harper and Fiona Boyes to name just a very small few (check our gallery page for photos from past Sunday Sessions).

SHBC is associated with other blues clubs around Australia including the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society and the South Australian Blues Society and SHBC members are welcome at other clubs’ functions as are theirs to ours.

SHBC is so much more than just a gig once a month. We believe that working with and in the community is very important and our recent "blues for blankets" project saw the club raise funds to be directed to the homeless and needy in our region. Our annual Vic Hunt grant sees the club provide aspiring local musicians of all age the ability to compete for and gain monetary support to further their careers.

SHBC is always looking for projects to be involved in so please feel free to let us know if you have something we might help support.

SHBC welcomes new members and is in a very healthy condition in 2018 (just on 22 years since we began). We guarantee all members the very best in blues entertainment and being part of an important part of the Geelong community. Come and join us at the next gig; we're absolutely positive it won't be your last.

Mission Statement

Mission statement of the Sleepy Hollow Blues Club (as printed in July 2004)

  • To promote the enjoyment and appreciation of blues music in general.
  • To foster the development of local talent by providing a suitable outlet for such talent to be exposed to other musicians and the public, in a positive atmosphere.
  • To promote the Geelong area as bring a viable leader in blues music, by providing a good standard of entertainment locally and publicising its availability to the general public and to musicians from other areas.
  • To encourage a high standard of music in the Geelong area by providing and promoting a variety of bands and performers, both local and imported.

Non-Profit Organisation

SHBC is a non-profit organisation owned by its members and operated by a dedicated group of volunteers. Without members the club can not exist. With members we can continue to provide top-quality live music to the Geelong Region and be an active member of the community at large.

New Members Welcome

New members are always welcome and existing members are equally welcome to help or volunteer when and where ever they can.

So if you love top quality Blues music come and join us and, more importantly, become a member: you won't be sorry.

Venue for All Musicians

SHBC is dedicated to providing an venue for musicians of any age or experience to come and jam with a very friendly group of dedicated Blues musos and to provide the non-playing members top notch Blues sessions from equally top notch blues artists.

Our gallery gives some idea of who have appeared at our Sunday Sessions (and this only goes back to 2009, the club is 22 years old).

Sponsors and Sponsorship

Our club is always grateful for the support of a number of sponsors and, equally so, we are always happy to welcome new sponsors to our family. Our club members support our sponsors so it is a symbiotic relationship and whose generosity and enthusiasm help to keep our Blues club going. Please let us know if you'd like to become a SHBC sponsor.

Community Is Important

SHBC is more than a monthly Blues get together. We are interested in and look to support the community of Geelong and the Western District. Our recent "Blues for Blankets" saw us raise money to assist the homeless in our region, and our annual Vic Hunt Memorial Grant (more Blues focused) provides a non-professional musicians and songwriters (of all ages) from our region with a $1,000 investment in their careers. SHBC is always looking for new projects to support.